Style Moment with Megan: MacBook Envelope from Etsy


I thought I’d guest post here at the Allay! blog with a style moment to start things off nice and easy: my name is Megan, and I will be contributing to Allay! on a regular basis with both Amanda and Meieli. While I’ll be taking a look at eco initiatives and women’s issues, I also secretly love to bargain shop—hence this post!

If you’ve never checked out Etsy, now’s the time to take a look. This week’s featured find is a MacBook Envelope from FernFiddleHead, which fits both the new unibody styles and the original black or white versions. A touch of cool design meets indie designer support, and for us, those are some of the best reasons to make a purchase. Since our wallets are a little bit lighter than usual, we’re also trying to save cash—and this one comes in at a reasonable $32. It’s padded with light cotton batting, and it also features a secure hemp closure to keep your goodies safe.

Now doesn’t that sound like an ideal piece to pick up for well under $50, especially if you like to carry that laptop in your oversized tote-slash-purse?

Image: fernfiddlehead


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    […] View original post here: Style Moment with Megan: MacBook Envelope from Etsy […]

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    Mary said,

    Megan- I love the macbook envelope. Makes working look so fun!

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