The Mirdle

413jr8kk2l_ss500_Oh dear.  

Oh…my, my, my.  

After years of suffering through support hose, girdles, push-up bras, bra inserts, high heeled shoes, and every other uncomfortable fashion innovation known to humankind, we ladies have a reason to sit back and laugh.

May I present…The Mirtle!

In a world full of hot young pop stars, sports gods, and metrosexual talkshow hosts,  many men are starting to feel…well…insecure about that beer gut.  Or, perhaps they just want to look a little more chisled but don’t have time to spend in the gym.

Thanks to the mircle of modern spandex, they can now wear these terribly uncomfortable contraptions all day under their clothes and learn to suffer for beauty in the same way that women have for years.

Of course, the real solution is for everyone to just get real and stop trying to fit themselves into a preconceived, artificial ideal of what is attractive.  But since that’s not going to happen, we can at least rest easy knowing that men are now just as miserable as we are.


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    Melia said,

    I wonder if it comes pre-stuffed, too.

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